HVAC Temperature Gauge

Specifically designed for the UK’s heating / ventilation, mechanical services and air conditioning markets, these thermometers are designed for applications and use according to European Standard BS EN13190. Available in bottom and rear connections with a black steel case and brass connection as standard.

Temperature ranges from -30 to 250 °C are accommodated by 4 standard ranges of:-

-30 to +60 °C / -20 to +140 °F

0 to 120 °C / 30 to 250 °F

0 to 160 °C / 30 to 320 °F

0 to 250 °C / 30 to 480 °F

Available in 63, 100 and 160mm.

Our range of HVAC Thermometers are designed to be attached directly into the application, enabling you to read the current temperature of the process/media.

A 1/2″ BSP pocket is included to allow you to be able to remove the thermometer if it needs to be replaced or serviced without the need to drain the system.

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