Traceable Calibration

Regular calibration to National Standards is vital to ensure your equipment is is operating at its best and maintaining accuracy. It can also help highlight problems before they arise.

Our UKAS accredited laboratory is equipped to calibrate a wide range of pressure and vacuum instrumentation. We currently offer traceable calibration from -1 bar to 200 bar on air / and 0 to 1200 bar on hydraulic oil.

We are always expanding our scope of accreditation so please check back regularly. To see our current Schedule of accreditation click the UKAS Calibration logo to the right or below:

We offer traceable calibration on many different types of instruments:

  • Vacuum to -1 bar
  • Absolute to 26 mbar (Subject to atmospheric changes)
  • Pressure to 70,000 psi
  • Oil free / Oxygen clean

We also offer traceable calibration on wide range of other equipment including temperature instruments, conductivity, metrology, torque, force, scales and electrical equipment.

Please click here to submit your enquiry or  call us on +44 (0)117 9654615 with your calibration requirements and one of our experienced team will assist you.

+44 (0)117 9654615